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2. Following the first visit to the beach I processed a selection of images, including this one, to give an overall picture and starting point. Made sketches of possible ideas.

Cliffs merge+sketch copy IMG_2289sketch copy IMG_2303idea1 copy IMG_2303sketch copy beach1_53 copy IMG_2303 copy IMG_2289 copy beach1_29 copy beach1_30 copy beach1_40 copy beach1_21 copy beach1_3 copy

1. 02.10.10. Research visit, to decide where to photograph and whether to photograph on the beach or on the cliff. These images show buildings at Ringborough, I did think about them too, because of their history, however felt it wasn't close enough to the family connection.

I liked the possibility of all of these potential means to document, however felt that they would introduce further variables, such as being prone to damage due to adverse weather conditions, or if using my shadow to highlight erosion, I would be reliant on sunlight.


Using these ideas and drawings I have decided to make the points of documenting much simpler.


I will use five circular fenceposts along the cliff edge. (See appendix 2)

Exact extract from Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment Survey, Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. Bempton to Donna Nook. "At Ringbrough Farm, an important coastal artillery battery was constructed in 1941 near the cliff edge, TA 2745 3735 (AL52: Plate 4) with a dual role as a counter-bombardment and close defence installation. The site consisted of three gun positions, observation posts, searchlights, generator house and a plotting room, used post-war as a garage; a substantial brick observation tower also survives (Plate 19). A pre-existing pillbox located on the west side of the Battery (AL55), was incorporated. An Operation Diver AA battery was constructed later in the war on the cliff in front of the Battery (AL54), but has now largely been lost to erosion" page 92 Rapid Coastal Zone Assessment – Project 3729. (The building upended in the image above is one the buildings mentioned).

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