Photography 1

Visit 1 02.11.10

Using fixed focal lengths for photographing from the marker points. In addition to photographing the cliff edge from the marker I am documenting the markers themselves. See 'Photography 2' for these images.

Visit 2 09.11.10

Visit 3 16.11.10

Visit 4 30.11.10

Today the weather was wild. The wind was off the sea. I struggled to keep the camera still and focussed. Collected objects from the cliff top field at each marker, instead of from the beach.

Left to right, photographs taken from each marker from the northern edge to southern edge of Seafield (or Northfield)

23.11.10 No visit.

07_12_2 copy

Visit 5. 07.12.10

Startlingly cold, the air was clear and freezing. Here on the coast we are at least 5 degrees warmer than a few miles inland in the colder times of the year. Still the temperature today was

-5 here.

Visit 6. 14.12.10

Visit 7. 21.12.10

The most noticable changes so far are the weather patterns and the light. At the moment from the marker points the camera is not capturing any changes in cliff erosion, however my visits to the beach show changes and erosion taking place along the clif face at various points.

28.12.10 - no visit. Flu!

Visit 8. 04.01.11

Visit 9. 11.01.11

Visit 10. 18.01.11

Visit 11. 25.01.11

Visit 12. 01.02.11

No visits on Tuesdays from 08.02.11 - 15.03.11. Work takes me away

Visit 13. 15.03.11

In the weeks I've not been, the owner of the property next door has moved the perimeter fence of his field. The cliff along from here, northwards has slumped. The pill box situated to the north is now slowly on its way down the cliff to the beach.

In between the last week and this week I visited the Geography Dept at Hull University. Met Professor Jack Hardisty. Looked at and photographed some old map resources. Interesting and helpful visit.

Since my last visit two of the markers have been removed, no sight of them. Interesting this, the project is partly about documenting natures effects on the cliff along here, but hey I'll document all changes! Wondering now if they might all go...

Visit 14.  22.03.11

Visit 15.  29.03.11

There has been some change to the cliff seen from marker 5 (near right image), I didn't think there would be, we haven't really had too many bad storms this year.

Visit 16. 31.05.11

My last visit to the markers. Not been a great deal of change this year from my vantage points. Its been a strange year for extremes of weather. Drought follows an extremely cold winter..

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