Photography 2

On visit 3 16.11.10  Begin to document the markers themselves.

Visit 4 30.11.10

With the wild wind the Markers (fence posts) vibrated. Hard to keep the camera still and focussed. I collected objects from the cliff top field at each marker, instead of from the beach.

Visit 3. 16.11.10

Images run from the Northern edge to the southern edge of Northfield. String used to measure distance to photograph marker.


23.11.10 No visit

07_12_2 copy

Visit 5. 07.12.10

The conditions were cold and the cliffs frozen and icy, but no wind. Ramp to beach treacherous, however its passable I think.


Visit 7 21.12.10

Once again the temperatures are very low, the ground is frozen as it has been now for some time. The ramp is icy again but passable.

28.12.10 - no visit

Visit 8. 04.01.11

Visit 9. 11.01.11

Visit 10. 18.01.11

Visit 11. 25.01.11

Visit 12. 01.02.11

No visits between 08.02.11 - 15.03.11. Work takes me away.

Visit 13. 15.03.11

The fencing at the northern perimeter of the next door field has been altered. With the corner post moved back from the cliff. The cliff from here northwards has clearly 'slumped' along with a pill box. (See appendix 2)

Visit 14.  22.03.11

Two of my markers have been removed. I thought about replacing them but the ground is so dry and hard and if this project is about documenting then I should carry on documenting what happens and not try to 'mend' or 'repair' what happens. This does mean though that when photographing the markers I am guessing as to the height of camera shots.

Visit 15. 29.03.11

I'm hoping to finish the documenting soonish so I can concentrate on the studio work and possibly more beach photography. Plus freelance work is building! Crops too will start to impede photographing the markers, I need to stand in the field to do this and this damages the plants.. everything is so dry...

Visit 6. 14.12.10

Visit 16. 31.05.11

I sneak another visit in. The cliffs have greened up. I have to step into the crop to photograph the markers. To the left of the marker on the north side of the field (far left here) the cliff has dropped compared to where I started.

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